Kubernetes Cluster in 5min

What will you get after completing steps below

Screenshot of cluster’s dashboard

kube cluster dashboard


  • You have a Linux machine in place. Physical or virtual machine doesn’t mather.
  • The Linux OS is supposed to be one of following distroes: the Ubuntu 16+, 18+ or CentOS 7.
  • Internet is available on your machine


  • Use Virtual Machine to test it before running it on physical machine
  • VirtualBox or VMWare is a good option.
  • Kubernetes is supposed to run on Linux server, but it should be able to run on desktop version as well.

Steps to use the script

  • Setup SSH Server if you need
  • Get the script from my github repo
  • Switch to root user and run the script

    # Ubuntu
    wget https://github.com/harryho/kube-cluster-in-5mins/blob/master/ubuntu/kube-cluster.sh
    # CentOS
    wget https://github.com/harryho/kube-cluster-in-5mins/blob/master/centos/kube-cluster.sh
    # Switch user
    sudo su
    ./kube-cluster.sh -h

Trouble shooting

  • Hardware ( Enable VT-x, 2+ Core , 2G RAM )
  • The scripts only support ubuntu 16+ or CentOS 7+
  • Swap must be off

    • disable swap immediately

      sudo swapoff -a
    • comment out the swap drive from fstab

      # swap was on ...

Repository of scripts